If you haven't noticed, stars are an integral aspect of New England Everyday Goods' brand identity.

From our initial sketches of a logo when this business was just an idea, we knew we had to incorporate stars into its design.  There's something timeless and enduring about the common 5-point star; it's symbolic in so many positive ways.

As the business took shape, it was no coincidence that stars were incorporated into all aspects of its visual presentation, especially in advertising and merchandising. One of our first suppliers was a master woodworker who created dozens of geometrically precise barn stars from reclaimed boards. He no longer makes them, but we managed to keep two of his large ones as icons in our store. (Sorry, they are not for sale.)

When we painted outside of the sprawling building that is now home to New England Everyday Goods, we chose dark colonial colors. Once it was done, it needed a little sparkle to bring it to life. Stars cut out from boards and painted gold seemed to be the obvious embellishment. (As seen in the photo above.)

Visitors often ask what the stars are about; our reply is: "The stars represent the constellation of all our wonderful customers who shine brightly in our eyes."

Gold Star Customer Rewards

We've had a customer rewards program in place right from the start. Today there are over 5,000 customers who have a rewards card with us. 

Qualifying purchases earn you gold stars on our card that you accrue and redeem for savings the next time you shop with us. It's free, simple, and rewarding. 

If you don't have a Gold Star Customer Rewards Card, we'll be happy to get you started.