Thank you for visiting our website and for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Jim and Susan Therriault, the founders, owners and proprietors of New England Everyday Goods.  

As fourth-generation New Englanders, we have enjoyed nearly all our lives in New Hampshire. Although there are many wonderful places across America, we love the unique qualities (and idiosyncrasies) of living in this part of the country. We’ve travelled all over this six-state region and feel very fortunate to call New England “home.” 

Being a couple middle-aged “Granite Staters” wasn’t our only qualification for starting this business in 2010 – but it certainly provided a rock-solid foundation. Both of us have years of experience in retail, sales, management, and customer service. 

Susan’s strengths are in product selection and merchandising. As a quilter and visual artist, she recognizes the specialness of products made by artisans and skilled craftspeople. Jim is a jack of many trades (master of none). His extensive career in business, marketing and communications has been a driving force in launching and growing this venture.

We look forward to having you get acquainted with New England Everyday Goods and invite you to visit us often. Because we’re always adding interesting new discoveries to share with you! 

With warm regards,

Jim and Susan

PS: We’d love to hear from you with any suggestions, recommendations, or ideas you might have. Send us an email or give us a call (603.532.8600).