Our Business Philosophy

We New Englanders are known for our straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to most everything. We tend to favor things that have integrity and are simple, pragmatic, and enduring. Those characteristics and qualities form the cornerstone of our way of doing business. 

Simply stated, New England Everyday Goods’ business philosophy is to preserve the honest-to-goodness basic values, the spirit of independence, and good old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity that have been ingrained in this region since colonial times. 

Staying true to our roots, we manage our operations with the resourcefulness and frugality that are synonymous with our heritage. We are especially fond of an old Yankee saying that goes something like this:

Use it up, wear it out;
Make do, or go without.

Our Inspiration

Most would agree the last decade has been challenging for consumers and businesses alike. Discretionary spending has dropped as shoppers have tightened their belts, cut out non-essentials and embraced the "de-cluttering" phenomenon. Retail experts tend to agree that this restrained buying behavior is the new normal.

We believe there is a silver lining here. While people are spending their money more conscientiously, they’re also looking closely at where things are made. Enlightened shoppers are scrutinizing the tags on everything from consumable items to durable goods, and they’re increasingly choosing “made in the USA.” 

We see this transformational trend continuing and accelerating. As consumers adopt a “less is more” mindset, they will seek out products that offer uniqueness, excellent craftsmanship and quality, and represent lasting value. With a growing audience that makes prudent purchases, we anticipate more New Englanders will bring to market practical products that we can all use and enjoy every day.


The original sign that was created for our business in 2010 hangs outside our store entrance today.