Declare your independence…

…and make the switch from imported stuff to goods “Made in America”

Many of the fireworks displays across the country are the work of Atlas PyroVision productions based in Jaffrey, NH.

As we prepare to mark the 235th birthday of the United States of America this July 4th, our nation is more dependent than ever on imported goods and off-shored services. Decades of trade imbalances and a ballooning national debt ($14 trillion and counting) caused by irresponsible deficit spending now pose serious threats to the US economy – and to the interdependent global marketplace.

There’s no silver bullet solution to instantly fix the perilous situation we are in; however, the spirit of independence that founded this country has always been a driving force to rally America’s citizens around a common cause.

Stubbornly high unemployment (as well as widespread underemployment) has shoppers looking more closely at where the goods they purchase are made. American consumers understand Made in the USA isn’t just a patriotic source of pride, it’s critical to our economic survival.

Many people have been following the “Made in America” series on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. These on-going, eye-opening reports have been quite sobering when we realize how little of what’s in our homes is actually made in this country.

Happily, ABC does an equally in-depth job of revealing which well-known brand-name products are still made in the good ol’ USA. And the series has reported on some smaller companies that proudly manufacture their goods domestically. (Ms. Sawyer, if you want a list of some industrious businesses making fabulous things here in New England, I’ll be happy to share some names with you!)

So this Independence Day, pledge allegiance to buying American made goods whenever you have a choice. It won’t remedy all of our country’s woes, but consider this…

If every American citizen shifted just $3.33 per year from buying imported items to purchasing $3.33 worth of goods made in the USA, we could create 10,000 jobs in this country. (Source: Moody’s

That’s a step in the right direction towards rebuilding our economy and declaring our independence from the high price we are now paying for cheap imports.

PS: Please make sure any “stars and stripes” and “red, white and blue” items  for your 4th of July celebrations – especially the American flag – are made in the USA!

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