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And please accept a warm invitation to visit us in person at New England Everyday Goods Retail Store & Farm Market in scenic Jaffrey, New Hampshire. (The photo above is the hillside view from our parking lot taken on a gorgeous summer day, August 2014.)

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neeg-farm-market PS: There’s a lot more in store for you at our bigger new location. In addition to a wider selection of unique and useful New England made products, the Farm Market offers a variety of fresh, natural foods: in-season locally grown produce; cage-free eggs; dairy items; artisan breads; raw honey and many more wholesome edibles. This is where shopping feels good and tastes good, too.

Featured Product


Pure Maple Syrup

When we started New England Everyday Goods in 2010, we never would have guessed that Maple Syrup would become our top-selling product line. Although there are countless places in the Northeast to purchase pure maple products, people from near and far come to us for our sweet selection.

In New England maple sugaring season is limited to just a few weeks in late winter to early spring when temperatures begin to warm and the sap begins to flow in the sugar maple trees. On average, 40 gallons of clear, water-like sap are boiled down to produce one gallon of rich amber-colored maple syrup.

Packaged in a variety of glass bottles and traditional plastic jugs, we always stock the two most-popular grades of syrup: Grade A Medium Amber and Grade A Very Dark Amber (also known as Grade B). Whichever you choose, you’re assured of a 100% pure, naturally delicious treat.