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PS: How’s this for an environmentally friendly product: virtually indestructible doormats made from reclaimed marine rope. Lobstermen have had to stop using “float-rope” because it is harmful to the endangered Northern Right Whales off the New England coast. Tons of this rope was destined for the landfill when Yankee ingenuity found a brilliant way to put it to good use. Read more about this amazing story here

Featured Product

clean air products

Clean Air Products

With the heat and humidity of summer, odors seem to pop up out of nowhere. Luckily, there’s an extremely effective way to destroy – not mask – them with a 100% natural solution.

Clean Air candles and sprays use a scientifically proven technology that attaches to unpleasant particles in the air and neutralizes the offenders. The 4-ounce spray is non-toxic and can safely be used directly on fabrics, surfaces, etc. The soy wax candles, in a variety of sizes and containers, are long lasting and clean burning.

From first-hand experience dealing with the acrid smell of burnt microwave popcorn, we can honestly say Clean Air products really live up to their name!